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We’ve been in the business of ranking webpages in the Search Engines since 2000. We’re proud of the results we’ve achieved for our own websites, and for our clients.

One of the most surprising results is to have beaten Google websites for the search term, ‘free Google software’. If you know anything about search engine results, you’ll know how amazing this is. Here’s a screen shot from December 26th., 2013.

The first listing is an advertisement. The second listing is for one of the biggest download sites on the Internet, Cnet. We have the third listing Enviro Friendly). The fourth listing is for about.com, one of the largest and most authoratitive sites on the Web. The Google listing, for their own product, is out of the frame!

We’ve held this spot (ot the #1 spot) for the best part of a year. It should give you confidence that we can help YOU and your business improve YOUR rankings, traffic. leads and sales.

Screenshot of Google search results.

Google search results for ‘free google software’.