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Customers Are Looking For You.

Today. Now.

Are They Finding You?

Or Your Competitors? 

The best way to reach new customers, is when they’re trying to reach YOU!

That’s why Yellow Pages advertising used to be so cost-effective. But today, there are two BIG problems with Yellow Pages advertising… the high cost, and the fact that Yellow Pages advertising is in decline. And why’s that?

The rise of Search Engines, particularly Google, and the advent of Local Search epitomised by Google+ Places listings, means that more and more customers are searching online for the products and services they want to purchase.

Google is far and away the biggest producer of Search Engine traffic. If your business isn’t on Page #1 of Google, then your potential customers aren’t finding you. That FREE traffic is going your competitors.

You either make do with less business, or pay through the nose to advertise in Yellow Pages and the traditional media (Press. Radio, TV etc.), or actually PAY to advertise on the Google search result pages where your competitors have a free listing. Ouch!

We’d like to help you and your business reach those potential customers and clients who are out there now, searching for you. For most local businesses, setting up a fully optimised Google+ Places listing is the single most important thing you can do to get onto Pasge #1, and enjoy that free stream of potential customers.

Give us a call today, on 0434 509 853, and let’s get you ‘up there’.