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Your customers, and potential customers are spending more time online searching for products and services.

All sorts of stats to support

The main gatekeeper to information is Google.
– over 80% of web searches
– owns YouTube- biggest video site (3rd biggest search engine!)
– owns Google+ social media.
– own Gmail email service

[kc_heading_pac_5_pre_headline size=”35″ color=”#C00″ ]So, how do you Rank in Google[/kc_heading_pac_5_pre_headline]

1. Adwords- pay for advertising on search result pages
2. Rank in the organic search results
3. Rank in Google+ Local listings

Lets look at Google Search.

[kc_heading_pac_5_pre_headline size=”35″ color=”#C00″ ]What business is Google in?[/kc_heading_pac_5_pre_headline]

So they get advertising income if people use their search engine. People only keep using a search engine if it gioves them good results- sites with interesing, information information that engages with them. So Google are forever looking for the best content for people, and organised in a way that the search engibe can find.

The Google algorithm is constantly changing rankings based on a whole range of factors
– how many people clicked through from the listing
– how many pages they looked at
– how long they spent on the site
– how often they came back,
– information variety- text images, video
– interaction on site
– links from other sites
– and much, much more!

[kc_heading_pac_5_pre_headline size=”35″ color=”#C00″ ]So where is the current TheFramers.com.au website ranking on Google search?[/kc_heading_pac_5_pre_headline]

– Google PageRank- a measure of site and page ‘authority’. PR0… Zero
– ‘the framers canberra’ -not on Page One for own name organic #13
– ‘picture frames canberra’ -don’t appear in Local Listing organic #35
– ‘picture frameing canberra’ -don’t appear in Local Listing organic #25
– ‘picture framers canberra’ -don’t appear in Local Listing organic #28
– ‘custom framing canberra’ -don’t appear in Local Listing organic #22


Only 10% of searchers go past the first page.
Only 10% of searchers go past the first page.

 [kc_heading_pac_5_pre_headline size=”35″ color=”#C00″ ]So how to you rank highly in Google?[/kc_heading_pac_5_pre_headline]

– provide unique, relevant and useful  information that people are seeking

– having relevant search terms

– linking to other information on the site, and outside

– getting links from other websites

– keep visitors engaged on the site, and coming back

– have a variety of information- text, graphics, video, Comments etc.

 [kc_heading_pac_5_pre_headline size=”35″ color=”#C00″ ]So what’s the logic flow for a business website?[/kc_heading_pac_5_pre_headline]

1. Target appropriate keywords

2. Produce good content

3. Optimise the pages so that they are ‘search-engine friendly’

4. Engage visitors as much as possible

5. Have calls to action

6. Offer something of value in return for email address

7. Follow up with useful information. Builds credibility and allows you to make offers.


[kc_heading_pac_5_pre_headline size=”35″ color=”#C00″ ]Proposal from Underdog Marketing for TheFramers[/kc_heading_pac_5_pre_headline]


What we’ll do…

1. The current website is limited functionally, visually, structurally and does not perform. It does have some useful content that can be built on.

2. We will use a popular, flexible platform to develop a new website. It’s WordPress, and approximately 19% of ALL websites on the Internet have been created in WP. There is a huge amount of plugins for extended function, tutorials, forums etc.

3. We will use a flexible, visually-appealing, easy-to-use-Theme. See sample at


4. We will complete the Keyword research we have done so far.

5. From that, we will set up a logical site structure that’s SE friendly, and which can be built on further.

6. We will use existing content where possible- optimising it for SE’s

6. We will use existing graphics where possible, optimising for SE’s

7. We will ask you for further graphics and copy to flesh out the existing site, then add them to the site.

8. We will suggest further topics for content in the future. You can do the work, or we can.

6. We will provide some backlinks to help boost the site.

7. We will outline a strategy for you to engage more with existing and potential clients


Cost:  $1100 + GST Terms: 50% with order, 50% on delivering new website

Further Suggested Cost: $100 +GST/month for ongoing overview, suggestions, advice etc. No contract period- keep it as long as you see value.

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We will advise you on how to do it yourself, or we will do it for you.

[kc_heading_pac_5_pre_headline size=”35″ color=”#C00″ ]Next task: A Blog, Facebook.[/kc_heading_pac_5_pre_headline]

We will advise you on what to do.